First Up - Chris Miller, Co-Owner of Penelope Pots Retail

First Up - Chris Miller, Co-Owner of Penelope Pots Retail

It feels appropriate for me to first introduce you to Chris Miller, my husband and Co-Owner of the store. You may feel like you see him pretty often and that’s because, on top of his full-time day job of being Vice President - National Account Executive for Chicago Title (commercial title insurance) he spends most of his evenings, and weekends here at the store, helping out in every way possible. Whether it’s marketing strategies, business development, managing electronics, or helping with the occasional large plant install, he’s there and always ready to do what I can’t humanly do alone. You see, this man TRULY cares for this company, and I know this because there aren’t many men out there that would work 7 days a week on top of their full-time jobs, supporting a crazy wife’s endeavors during a pandemic (especially when she already has one business struggling due to COVID).

Chris is genuine, caring, honest, and is a guy that will work himself to the bone for his clients, family, and friends, if it just means they’re happy in the end. If you’re reading this and you know him, you know what I mean. 

You can thank him for being able to actually buy things in our store (he’s responsible for setting up our POS system), he is currently creating our customer loyalty program, and he set up our cameras in the store so we can catch creeps that steal plant cuttings (LOL). The most important thing he does though is help keep me in one piece, sane, and sort of calm (which is ultra important).

He LOVES what he does for a living. As much as we love having him, there’s no way we could bring him over to our side full-time because he won’t give up the title Insurance game, nor his clients who have become friends. He also loves vodka waters (thanks keto), golfing, literally ALL things Yeti, his kids, me, his golf cart, and the show Yellowstone (but who doesn’t?? I want to be Rip).

He’s a CalState Fullerton and Sigma Pi Alumni. Yes, there is some frat boy in him and he is oh so loved for it ❤️
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