Santal Vanille Candles & Reed Diffuser

  • $26.00
A veil of intoxicating vanilla, exotic oud and warmest sandalwood mingle in a sensually smooth, creamy brulée, casting a quiet glow from lust-worthy, pearlescent glass as captivating as the fragrance. Vanilla lovers, you’re welcome

Mini Tin
-Burn time approx. - 25 hours
-4.5oz fill
-Dimensions: 2.99" D x 1.93" H

Reed Diffuser
-Product life :  4-6 months
-3.4oz fill
-Dimensions: 2.25" D x 3.75" H

Chawan Bowl
-Burn time approx. - 50 hours
-14oz fill
-Dimensions: 4.96" D x 3.15" H