Mystery Charm Blind Box

  • $8.00
These adorable mystery charms are like a cross between a blind box and a fortune teller! Each adorable little box has a secret inside: one of seven tiny enamel charms, each with its own magical intention for you to take to heart! Contained inside you might find, in order of rarity from most common to most rare... - the 1" gold Egg Cup (renewal) - the 1" silver Magic Rabbit (manifestation) - the 1" silver UFO (the unknown) - the 1" silver Switchblade (protection) - the 1½" gold Spilling Beer (release) - the 2" gold dangling Coins (abundance) - the 2" gold dangling Cake Slice & Dice (risk and reward) Each Mystery Charm is tucked into a 3" long x 1" wide holographic glitter box with labels depicting all 7 available charms and their level of rarity. Inside, each mystery charm is poly bagged, with a slip of paper describing each charm's magical meaning. Each tiny charm has a 10mm lobster claw clasp ideal for jewelry, zipper pulls, and face mask straps.