We want to connect with you.....

We aren’t a corporate chain that you can’t put a face or name to. The Penelope Pots store is made up of real humans - each with their own life stories and qualities; determination, grit, skill, and genuine “good human” traits.

This is why I, Jackie (hi, I’m the creator of Penelope Pots) have decided to write about each of the people that make up our team. They’re the ones who have, despite a pandemic, put their everything into creating our little oasis here at 2nd & PCH. The palpable happiness and zen vibes you get when entering our store is because each of our team members painstakingly placed each item, designed each corner, hand selected each inventory item, and cared for each plant - all while greeting you with a smile and willingness to help. 

Read along as we feature someone new from our team each week. You can get an in-depth knowledge of each one of our team members that makes up our store.